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Welcome to DeckSkills.org!
This site was originally created to help cadets at California Maritime Academy learn how to become a Deck Officer. Lately we noticed that we've been getting a number of hits from actual mariners, some from as far away as Denmark and India. So, we decided to make this thing a bit more formal. We recently removed the split between the Cadet and Pro-Mariner sites, as we've lost touch with what the academy is up to (since we graduated), so now only the pro-mariner stuff still exists. If you'd like to get access to the stuff that was specific to the Cadet Site, let us know, go to www.deckskills.com/cadetsite .
From Freddy
I'm out at sea for most of the year and haven't had a whole lot of time to update the site, and as such, most of the info here is a bit outdated, though I know some of these equations are hundreds of years old already. If anyone would like to take the reigns and run with keeping the site updated, let me know at deckskills@gmail.com. Thanks -Sam
Additional Resources
USCGQ.COM has practice tests and pulls from the USCG questions just like LapWare does, except it's free.
A great resource for mariners, with maritime news updates, job postings, and extra tools and resources, all available for free.
CalMaritime.net is a site for the cadets at CMA by the cadets at CMA. It's a great tool for distributing information amongst the corps of cadets outside of the formal, and slow-to-respond, official CMA administration. Nice job guys.
In short, there is stuff out there that's free, and hopefully more on the way.

*Note: There is a correction factor on the above lesson. Subtract 2 hours for each month after March 8th. Subtract 30 minutes for each week, and , to be more accurate, subtract 4 minutes per remaining day. And dont forget Daylight Savings Time. Your answer will be real local time, and should be accurate to within 30 minutes.
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Last updated on Sunday, November 25, 2012