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Colleague case study - Seetal Mistry

Honestly, every single day is completely different. I’ve never had the same day twice in this current role.

Seetal Mistry
Digital Marketing Assistant

“Honestly, every single day is completely different. I’ve never had the same day twice in this current role.”

I start the day with a team stand-up, a meeting in which we discuss our priorities and any challenges that the members of the team might be facing. Then I run accessibility checks across all of our websites.

After that, I can be working on any number of projects, whether it’s to do with accessibility, updating the websites or refreshing their visual identity. No day is exactly the same as the one before. I really enjoy the variety!

“The Bank doesn’t restrict you. We’re encouraged to find opportunities for ourselves.”

I’d only been out of university for around a year when I applied to the Bank for an admin assistant role and was recruited. This was after I decided that I didn’t want to do what I’d studied for three years!

The admin assistant role worked across various teams within the Bank, including the Digital team, which I found really interesting. After 10 months, a vacancy arose for a digital marketing assistant. I applied and got the job, and so started a three-month secondment in the Digital and Direct Marketing Team. That’s just been extended for another six months.

"I wanted to work somewhere that had more of a social impact.”

I knew about the role the Bank plays in helping to strengthen the UK economy and how it supports smaller businesses up and down the country. To me, that presented an opportunity to work somewhere that was striving to achieve something beyond profit.

“The Bank has been great with its support, helping with equipment we need to work from home. But although I joined the firm only three weeks before the pandemic hit, I do miss the office.”

It can be challenging. I’m in a flatshare so sometimes it gets difficult with the noise, and having to take calls in the bedroom! But then I’ve been able to spend more time with family and friends who live locally, going on walks in my lunch break and so on.

But the Bank has been really supportive, providing home-working equipment and introducing a number of cool initiatives and wellbeing events that have helped make lockdown life just a little bit easier.

Our recruitment guidance

We use a repeatable, four-step process when it comes to recruiting. And, as an equal opportunity employer, we can and will make adjustments to our process depending on what an applicant needs.

We’ve pulled together a useful outline of what our recruitment process looks like, along with some recommendations - and frequently asked questions – for anyone who wants to apply for a role with British Business Bank.